Tracks from Consumer Productions releases...

Bad Luck Charms - I Had A Dream Last Week
Bad Luck Charms - Fever

Bad Luck Charms - Match Made In Heaven

From "Bad Luck Charms - Rant & Drift" CD (CPCD-6)

Bad Luck Charms - The Little Bear and the Little Punk
Bad Luck Charms - Chigwell Is Burning

Bad Luck Charms - I Don't Care Anymore

From "Bad Luck Charms - Almanac" CD (CPCD-5)

Moe Grizzly - Tom Dooley
Moe Grizzly - Where We Goin' Blues
Moe Grizzly - Tired Blues
From "Moe Grizzly - Fingering Dixie" CD-R (CPCDR-27)

Kind Winds - Toothless Tuesday
Kind Winds - Johnny Rip Off

From "Kind Winds - Inside The Minds of Unwell Men"  CD-R (CPCDR-24)

Midnight Caller - A Punch Hello
From "Midnight Caller - 2000 and Six" CD-R (CPCDR-21)

Midnight Caller - Repeater
Midnight Caller - Field Of Battle
Midnight Caller - From The Start

From "Midnight Caller - We All Work At The Shop" CD-R (CPCDR-18)

Rentboy - Coo
Rentboy - City At Night
Rentboy - Daydream
Rentboy - Fresh

From "Rentboy - Clocktower" CD (CPCD-02) - review - review - review

Rentboy - Jiggy
Rentboy - Labyrinth

From "Rentboy - Do The Turtle" EP (CPCDR-15) - review

Rentboy - Eating Toast
Rentboy - Ship Is Going Down
Rentboy - Fire

From "Rentboy - King of Knives" CD-R (CPCDR-16)

Avoidable Droid - Black Worm
Avoidable Droid - Bullhorn
Avoidable Droid - The Cult Song

From "Avoidable Droid - Mystery Breeze" CD-R (CPCDR-12)

The Frustrations - What Erica Told Me
The Frustrations - Can't Say No
The Frustrations - Metro

From "The Frustrations - The Dole Years" CD (CPCD-03) - review

The Crossfire Brothers - The Gingerbreadman
The Crossfire Brothers - In The City
The Crossfire Brothers - Down For Double

From "The Crossfire Brothers - Life On The Beat" CD-R (CPCDR-10) - review

Streetkid Jake - Paddle Steamer
Streetkid Jake - Handyman
Streetkid Jake - People Are Shit
Streetkid Jake - Untitled

From "Streetkid Jake - Artschool" CD-R (CPCDR-05)

hMAS - Alex Pope
From "hMAS - The Computer Tape" Cassette (CPCS-16)

Honeypet -Toad

From "Honeypet - D.I.Y." Cassette (CPCS-12)

Karaoke For My Shadow - Shiseido
The Semblance Of Shadowy Forests - Atmosphear
The Gentlemen - Your Eyes and The Sea

From "Various Artists - Consumer Productions 2002" CD (CPCD-04) - review

Tim Townsend - Bliss Was Taken Away Again From The Cynic's Eye
From "Various Artists - Consumer Productions 1999" CD (CPCD-01)

Ben Consumer - Bodycrush
From "Ben Consumer - Lost and Final Works" CD-R (CPCDR-13)

Bonus, unattached, unreleased or random...

Dan Cross - Society Hair
Dan Cross - A Dream
Dan Cross - No Ship
Dan Cross - Daydream
Dan Cross - Golden Ass
Dan Cross - Rabbit Moon
Dan Cross - Your Dead Heart
Dan Cross - Parking Meter
Dan Cross live on 3CR radio, for Let Your Freak Flag Fly, 24/1/2009

Rentboy - Silly
Rentboy - No Ship
Rentboy - Golden Ass

Demo (Dan solo) versions of late-period Rentboy tracks

Ma Brain Bridge - Someone Took Her Legs & New Wave Rocket
Live recording from the second performance of this band (3/11/2007), featuring Reggie Norris, Colin Henry and Ben Crothers.

End Show - Wires
Leaked demo from most recent End Show recordings.  This is a cover of a song by The Moles.

End Show - Last 3 Times
End Show - Space Buzz

Live recordings from a performance at Trout, 26th May 2006

End Show - Ham N Eggs
Live recordings from a performance at Trout, 22nd September 2005

End Show - Space Show Theme

Live @ Trout Bar, North Hobart - 23/9/2005

Blind Billie Speed - Spoor 1 (excerpt)
Blind Billie Speed - Spoor 2 (excerpt)

Live recordings of two pieces from the group's 3rd performance.

Blind Billie Speed - Schiene 1 (excerpt)
Blind Billie Speed - Schiene 2 (excerpt)

Live recordings of two pieces from the group's 2nd performance.

Blind Billie Speed - Piste 2 (excerpt)
Blind Billie Speed - Piste 3 (excerpt)

Live recordings of two pieces from the group's debut performance.  Each track in full is about 15 minutes long.

The Frustrations - Hey Death
The Frustrations - The Party's Over
The Frustrations - The Girl In The Purple Dress
The Frustrations - The Wilderness

Selected tracks from the final, unreleased, Frustrations album.

The Gentlemen - Navigation
The Gentlemen - Hip Hip Hooray
The Gentlemen - Nightclub

Tracks from the final recordings of this legendary Hobart rock group.

I Made A Periscope - I Caught A Cold Off A Monkey And A Week Later I Had Full-Blown AIDS
I Made A Periscope - The Staffy's Loose
I Made A Periscope - Lazy Ulysses
I Made A Periscope - Sick Bonanza
I Made A Periscope - Hands Clasped We Walk Forward Toward The Future Together
I Made A Periscope - Misery At The Factory Gates / I'll Think About It While I'm Holding My Own

I Made A Periscope live at Trout, 25th March 2006, for Beat Rag #3

hMAS - Extravert
Track from the band's unreleased album, "Fear God, Honour Thy King".

The Crossfire Brothers - Stoned
The Crossfire Brothers - Dixie Momma
The Crossfire Brothers - My CPU Is A Neuronet Processor

Tracks from unreleased Crossfire Brothers album, "Midnight Caller"

DJ BTC - Invisible Intelligence

Streetkid Jake - To Most People Punk Is Pearl Jam
from limited edition cassette; free with the first, and only, issue of the art-zine, "This Is My Piss"

Page 27 - Blow
Page 27 - Straight To Hell

Tracks from potential future Page 27 release, "Christian Slater / For Lovers Only"